If you’re looking for the industry-leading way to eliminate frizz, increase manageability, repair damage, and add shine before hitting the beach (and humidity) this spring break, DL Lowry and Keratin Complex® are your solution. Powered by Signature Keratin, this breakthrough innovation has been transforming hair for 15 years and continues to set the industry standard.

Different series and treatments within the system are customized for individual hair types – blondes, curls, and more – and a highly trained stylist is best suited to suggest the appropriate treatment for your hair. They’ll consider hair fabric and condition, hair and style goals, lifestyle, desired maintenance level, and product use, among other factors, to match you to the appropriate treatment.

DL Lowry’s experienced stylists just went through a re-education and recertification process with a nationally recognized Keratin Complex® trainer to best serve our clientele. Our stylists are also able to recommend at-home maintenance of the treatment to protect your investment and continue to see impactful results for months to come.

Here’s a quick look at the different treatments within the system:

This original, award-winning solution blocks humidity and eliminates frizz, dramatically reduces blow-dry time, and enhances color vibrancy. Plus, you’ll experience cumulative benefits with subsequent treatments.

The same amazing formula but customized with a soft, neutral-tint to protect blonde, gray, and silver tones. This version is designed to protect fine, fragile, and over-processed hair.

This express version offers a more temporary treatment to fight frizz with less commitment and cost, perfect for those without a lot of strong curls or for spot treatments and problem areas like bangs.

The most powerful keratin treatment to date delivers smoother hair with a transformative three-step system.

This one’s for our curly girls looking to define and showcase those curls, coils, and kinks. This unique treatment is customized with super-hydrating oils, butters, and amino acids to restore essential moisture, softness, and shine while preserving all natural curl patterns.

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