Glamour says, “3D curls are taking over in 2022,” and we couldn’t agree more. While long beachy waves have been the focus in recent years, new cuts and style trends are allowing naturally curly hair its time in the spotlight. But as curly girls know, it takes the right cut, style, products, and treatments to bring out the best of those natural curls. 

DL Lowry Senior Stylist and curly hair expert, Kari Rupenthal, grew up with very curly hair and the problem of never finding a salon that could manage it. So she took it upon herself to learn, and now she shares her expertise as one of the most tenured stylists at DL Lowry, helping clients love their hair with sophisticated, manageable cuts for even the wildest of curls. 

Here are her top five tips and tricks:

1. Treatments, Treatments, TREATMENTS!
Intensive treatments are necessary for hair to perform at its best, and that’s especially true to bring out the best in curls. The custom treatment options available from Davines are the trusted go-tos by DL Lowry stylists, and their high-quality, sustainable, and eco-friendly hair treatments range from from deep nourishment to intense repair. Our stylists work to understand what each individual client’s hair is in need of before recommending the right treatment plan.

2. Use the Right Products, and the Right Quantity
Each curly head of hair is different, and Kari works with each individual to determine the products needed to achieve their desired look. Oftentimes, clients are surprised by how much product is recommended. Sometimes, more is more.

Product use should change seasonally. For example, a heavier conditioner in winter will help fight against dryness and dullness, and a UV protectant is especially important in the summer. The humidity of summer also makes taming frizz more challenging, so a product is recommended to close the cuticle and prevent excess moisture from sneaking in.

Some of Kari’s favorite Davines products for curly hair include: 

  1. Love Curl Primer + Cream for Loose Curls
    This moisturizing milk has an anti-humidity effect to protect hair from heat, keeping it detangled and easy to style. And in Winter, spray it on to help curls perk up in the dry weather.
  2. OI All In One Milk
    This perfect base provides moisture and protects from humidity.
  3. This Is A Curl Building Serum
    This lightweight curl-building serum is perfect for softening, detangling, and defrizzing medium curls, and it works wonders when applied over the OI Milk.
  4. NOUNOU Hair Mask
    This repairing mask is ideal for tight curls that have been bleached, permed, or relaxed and are in need of hydration.

Properly removing product buildup from the hair and scalp is also critical to maintaining healthy hair.

3. Have Patience, and Invest in Training
When you first start embracing your curls, you’ll need to give yourself, and your hair, time to adjust. You’ll want to establish an appropriate wash, condition, and treatment schedule, learn to work with your natural curl pattern, and learn techniques like finger coiling, brush styling, and twisting. A styling session with Kari can also prove really helpful.

4. Embrace Your Natural Curl Pattern
Are you wavy, curly, or coily? It’s actually determined by the shape of the hair follicle at your scalp. (And you may have more than one type.) Within each category are subtypes, defined by the size of curl and hair texture. Each type, in combination with other factors like porosity and density, lends itself to certain styling products and techniques, so it’s best to first determine your natural curl pattern. From there, you can start learning more about your specific type and embracing its strengths. 

5. Get a Proper Cut
Going to a stylist who truly understands curly hair is essential to getting a quality cut you’ll love. The consistency of the client’s curl pattern impacts whether the curls should be cut dry, wet, or in combination, after it has been washed, detangled, and rid of products. The stylist should also understand how to cut for the individual texture and density of the curls, using only scissors.

With a little practice, the right products, and assistance from an experienced stylist, curly girls everywhere can embrace their natural look.