The impacts of experiencing hair loss can be more than skin deep. A sudden, or even gradual, change in your appearance can be felt emotionally, causing frustration and decreased confidence, especially when hair is seen as part of your identity. It can also be a sign or result of a deeper underlying health issue.

At DL Lowry Salon, we believe in helping clients look good on the outside to help them feel their best on the inside, therefore empowering them to take on the day and achieve their goals. When hair loss gets in the way of that, our team of expert stylists can help not only identify the underlying cause, but offer solutions that work.

DL Lowry Salon is the only salon in Indiana to offer innovative scalp analysis technology via the Kerastase Kerascope Diagnostics tool. In a private room in the salon, stylist Alandra Henderson, certified hair coach with renowned Bauman Medical, utilizes this innovative technology to diagnose and treat hair loss. During the consultation, clients can view what the pen is seeing on an iPad, providing an interactive and informative experience. Based on the results of the analysis, Alandra will prescribe hair loss regimens, anti-aging treatments, scalp serums, nutraceuticals, scalp facials, and more, to restore hair and make a long-term difference in her clients’ lives.

By specializing in hair loss I am able to make a long-term difference in my client’s hair and confidence


Alandra’s consultations are specially designed to help clients with hair loss due to medical conditions like thyroid issues or psoriasis, life stages such as being postpartum or menopausal, or experiencing the effects of long-Covid. When additional treatment is needed or desired, such as minimally-invasive hair transplants, Alandra has a direct line of service to Dr. Alan Bauman, medical director of Bauman Medical, an award-winning hair loss center with 25 years of experience.

For hair loss related more to aging, stress, or unhealthy scalp, for example, every DL Lowry stylist is now trained to use the Kerastase Kerascope Diagnostics during appointments to help inform all clients on the health of their scalp and hair. Simply ask for this complimentary consultation to be added to your next appointment when you book.

Professional Products that Work

DL Lowry Salon prides itself on having access to some of the best hair care products in the world, to help clients achieve results. One of our most beloved hair health products is Nutrafol, a #1 dermatologist-recommended brand that is clinically proven to support hair growth. From vitamins to topicals, their patented formulas target the six root causes affecting hair health. Some of our all-time favorite Nutrafol products include:

✓ Hair Growth Nutraceuticals: Amazing for targeting the root causes of hair thinning from within.

✓ Stress Adaptogen: To balance your body’s stress response for less hair shedding.

✓ Hairbiotic: Improves hair quality by replenishing the gut microbiome.

✓ Growth Activator Hair Serum: Boosts cell renewal directly at the scalp.

Davines is another favorite first line of defense against hair loss, offering a NaturalTech ENERGIZING line of shampoos, scalp scrubs, and more.

And newer to our shelves is Kerastase’s new Genesis Homme line, a revolutionary haircare collection that’s infused with creatine and ginger root to strengthen and enhance hair. This dual action formula is perfect for weakened hair prone to thinning, for 85% stronger and instantly thicker hair in just one use.

DL Lowry Salon conveniently stocks these products and more, and your stylist can help you identify which ones are right for you.

Skincare Services to Expedite Health

DL Lowry Salon offers the finest in skin care in addition to hair care, and in the case of the HydraFacial Keravive Scalp Facial, the two converge for proven results. HydraFacial’s Keravive Scalp Facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the scalp for healthier, fuller, thicker-looking hair. The treatment fights against low scalp hydration, clogged follicles, dead skin congestion, and poor circulation.

And with each hair appointment, clients are treated to DL Lowry’s signature scalp massage during the shampoo process to help unclog hair follicles, remove product buildup, and promote healthy hair growth. While clients relax in our reclining Italian leather chairs, a soothing scalp and shoulder massage does more than just prep hair for cut and colour.

We’re Here to Help

According to Dr. Bauman, almost 50 million American women suffer from some sort of hair loss, and its widely noted that well over half of men experience hair loss as they age. Through advanced diagnostic technology, relevant treatments, and caring stylists, there’s hope to restore hair health and appearance.

Contact us at 317.843.2611 to book your hair loss consultation with Alandra or add Kerascope to your next appointment. And follow @dllowrysalon for all our latest updates.