Nearly 30 years ago when David Lowry set out on his own and founded DL Lowry Salon, he did so with the mission to dignify and strengthen his profession and renew people’s lives. Since opening his doors in 1994, his vision has been to elevate the hair styling profession through education and expertise, reimagine what a salon experience could be, and improve the lives of his staff and clientele. That mission remains at the heart of everything David and DL Lowry Salon stand for to this day.

Thanks to David’s unique commitment to his staff, DL Lowry Salon’s team of 24 dedicated stylists are some of the most talented and well-trained professionals in the industry. Together they have a combined 230 years of experience, with weekly education and advanced certifications ranging from hair loss expertise to extensions.

The education begins for each stylist the same way – as an associate, no matter where they received their initial beauty school training from. Every stylist on the floor has gone through this unique two-year training program in addition to their cosmetology schooling to learn all the necessary techniques and customer service skills that working at DL Lowry demands. From etiquette and product knowledge to colour and blow out techniques, stylists learn how to build rewarding careers and have the confidence to do so.

Senior stylist Kari Rupenthal shared, “By the time you are done with our program, you’ll have as much education as your average hair stylist has in over 10 years.”

The program is notably longer than most salons require, but the work is worth the reward. Due to the solid foundation the program provides, a remarkable number of Lowry’s stylists have stayed to grow and develop their careers with DL Lowry, eventually earning Senior Stylist status. Many members of his team have been with him for more than 20 years, and some since the very beginning.

“DL Lowry stands out from other salons because of our education,” says senior stylist Lucy Wise. “Going through the program was really important for me because I did not feel comfortable at the time just coming straight out of beauty school and working on people. And 20 years later, I’m still here and loving it.”

Lowry has created an atmosphere for his staff that is supportive more than competitive, where clients are welcome and even invited to work with another stylist in the same salon – something that’s not always the case elsewhere. He has built an environment where stylists mentor and teach each other, supporting each other’s growth. 

David arranges weekly training in the salon, an unparalleled model in the industry. This commitment to ongoing education is to ensure the team stays up on the latest cut and coloring trends, which can change frequently, and be able to achieve clients’ desired results. 

For example, David invited renowned educator and stylist Stephen Moody, a 30-year veteran of the industry with a resume that includes global education director for the Vidal Sassoon Salon and Academy and Wella, for a two-day training with staff. Stephen developed a new and proprietary styling technique called “Cut Craft” that approaches hair cutting with purpose, intent, and creativity. With the recent shift from long, beachy waves to shorter styles, stylists – especially younger ones who’ve spent their entire careers focused on long cuts, are in need of updated training on short hair cutting techniques. Stephen spent two full days at DL Lowry working with stylists so they can best meet our clients’ needs. 

Training is also designed to help each stylist maximize their earning potential. Lowry’s business model is built around providing tools for personal and professional growth to encourage each employee to achieve a level of financial stability.

With that goal in mind, he supports his stylists in pursuing continuing education beyond the associate program and in-salon courses to achieve advanced certifications. As an example, certified hair coach and hair loss specialist with the renowned Bauman Medical Group Alandra Henderson is specially trained in utilizing innovative scalp analysis technology to combat hair loss. With data collected by an innovative Kerastase pen exclusive to DL Lowry in the Indianapolis area, she can prescribe hair loss regimens and anti-aging hair treatments to restore clients’ confidence.

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