As summer winds down and we welcome the cooler temps and cozy wardrobes, the transition to fall offers a prime opportunity to update your look.

While DL Lowry is always focused on helping each client achieve a hairstyle that is perfect for them based on a multitude of factors including face shape, skin tone, eye color, hair texture, and lifestyle, our stylists also love gathering inspiration from the latest trends, techniques, and color palettes each season brings.

This fall, we offer five things to consider to achieve the seasonally-inspired look you desire.

1. Refresh Your Cut
This fall is all about texture! And movement and personality. Whether you’re a fan favorite of short, medium, or long cuts, or looking to switch it up to a different length than you’re used to, there’s fun and fresh options in each category.

For those who have gone all in on those long beachy waves we’ve all been loving the past few years, consider some face-framing layers to update the look. If you opted for curtain bangs, let them grow out for a more modern take.

Or opt for a more dramatic transformation and go short with one of the many on-trend styles currently circulating like pixies and mullets. Of course, a personalized take on the classic bob is always in style for those looking for a sleeker, more polished look. .

For the in-between, medium-length lovers who still want that option to throw up a top knot or styled ponytail, add personality with a shaggier, layered, textured look that complements your face shape and accentuates prominent features.

2. Warm Up Your Colour
Cut is like the baseline factor in achieving a desired look, but colour comes in at a close second in importance, really bringing it to life. Oftentimes, coming out of summer, we see our clients needing chlorine removal treatments and colour correction before we can achieve a healthy new colour that will last. That may include toning down some sun-induced bleaching of blonde tones and replacing with warmer, creamier fall blondes and honey-wheat blondes.
We also recommend toning down some of the bright summery money piece highlights that were so popular this summer, updating them to a deeper, richer, warmer face-framing highlight.

For our non-blondes, look for the return of those deep, warm auburns and bronzes, rich espresso browns, and deep blacks with no highlights.

3. Consider Extensions
Did you know extensions not only offer a way to achieve length, but also provide flexibility and versatility when it comes to colouring? They can also help fix a lot of style and hair loss issues, even on short and medium-length looks. Extensions are an incredible third option to help achieve a desired look, in addition to a great cut and colour.

With proper use, extensions can fill out the sides for a full sleek bob, balance out thinning areas, add a pop of colour that won’t fade or damage hair, and add highlights without having to lighten actual hair that’s already fragile or thinning. With both bonds and tapes, DL Lowry stylists have flexibility to help create the desired look. And when done correctly by a properly trained stylist, neither application will damage your hair.

It’s important to pay attention to the types of extensions you’re buying or using. At DL Lowry, we only use Great Lengths Extensions, the best quality hair on the market. Great Lengths are ethically sourced, 100% Remy hair. You would be surprised (and likely disheartened and disgusted) to find out where other extensions are sourced from, with confusing marketing messages to sort through. Your best bet? Go to a trusted stylist who understands where and how the products are sourced, like DL Lowry.

4. Invest in Treatments
After achieving that perfect style and colour, you’ll want to invest in the treatments and products that hold, maintain, and protect its richness and the health of your hair. With cooler temps and dryer air approaching, it’s important to maintain ample moisture to prevent damage and breaking.

One of our favorites is Kerastase’s new Fusio Dose line of treatments. This liquid care technology uses powerful skincare actives to instantly transform hair with luxurious custom blends that address your unique hair needs. Your stylist will start with a diagnosis to understand your hair needs and then customize a special blend that specifically targets your concerns and goals, whether you want to reduce frizz, add shine, repair damage, or nourish hair. And if you’re in need of extra-hydration, one of our favorite go-to’s is the Kerastase Masque.

5. Update Your Products
The demands of each season, combined with your unique hair type, require a review of your shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments every few months. In fall, it’s often a great time to moisturize and protect from the elements.

DL Lowry is proud to offer the industry’s top product lines including Kerastase and Davines, and your stylist can recommend the right set of products for your individual needs.

But there aren’t many clients we don’t recommend the Kerastase Nutrative 8H Magic Hair Night Serum to heading into the fall and winter months. And almost all blondes can benefit from the Kerastase Serum Cicanuit Hair Serum for Blonde Hair.

With all of these factors combining for the perfect look, it’s critical to go to a well-trained stylist who understands the art and science of hair cuts, colouring, extensions, care, and maintenance. DL Lowry’s stylists are among the most educated in the industry, thanks to our salon’s gold standard model for continuously educating our team from the world’s best educators. DL Lowry’s expert team of stylists are here to help you look and feel your best this fall.